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These are the cats we are currently breeding and/or showing.

Sco'Chats Cattery will be focusing on a British Shorthair breeding program. 
We will no longer be breeding the Scottish Fold.

"The British Shorthair is a cobby, well balanced, powerful cat with a medium to large body, thick neck, and massive head. Males are more massive in all characteristics than the females. It's charming face has full cheeks, a medium broad nose, and large wide-set eyes usually of a copper or orange colour. 
The coat should be short, firm and dense, without woolliness making this breed very easy to groom. 

This breed is a delight to own, being intelligent, affectionate and not temperamental. They have quiet voices and although not "lap cats" they will sit contentedly beside humans. They tolerate children, dogs, and other breeds of cats."   Taken  from Canadian Cat Association British Shorthair breed description. Click here for CCA website.

Breeding and Showing
 Retired Breeders/Adults

Sire: SMGC Amber Snow General Sherman of Loupa, CNW
Dam: Loupa Finola
Breeder: Louise Perreault, Canada
FIV, FeLV - Negative
PKD - Negative
Blood Type - N/b
Longhair - N/M4 - carries LH
Cardiac Pro BNP - Normal Sept 2015, Dec 2016
CH Auroredelavie Bugatti of Sco'Chats
Lilac British Shorthair Female
DOB July 21, 2014

Sire: CH British Luxury Freddy
Dam: CH Auroredelavie Cecilia
Breeder: Andrey Kopylenko, Canada

Photos taken: March 27, 2015
FIV, FeLV - Neg
PKD - Neg
Blood Type - N/b
Longhair - N/M4 carries LH
​Carries cinnamon
Cardiac Marker Pro BNP - Normal Dec 2016
M​GC Loupa General Charles of Sco'Chats
Blue and White British Shorthair Male
DOB March 29, 2013
Photos taken: May 2, 2015
DGC CatwalksDK All But Ordinary
Lilac British Shorthair Male
DOB May 1, 2015
FIV, FeLV - Negative
PKD - Negative by parentage, DNA Negative
Blood Type - N/b
Longhair - N/M4 carries LH
Cardiac Marker Pro BNP - Normal Dec 2016
Sire: Kingdom Roxera
Dam: Tiny Toons Blondie
Breeder: Annette Henriksen, Denmark
Photo taken: Dec 2016
Lady Xieras Desire
Chocolate British Shorthair Female
DOB June 27, 2016

FIV, FeLV - Neg
PKD - pending
Blood Type - pending
Longhair - pending
Photo taken: Dec 2016
8th Best Cat in CCA 2016/2017