Sco'Chats Cattery -  British Shorthair

About Sco'Chats Cattery
We are located in the French Acadian fishing community of West Pubnico, on the southern tip of Nova Scotia.
We are a small, in home, cageless cattery. 
We are  a hobby breeder, and do not make any profit from the sale of our kittens/cats. The cost of the cats covers the expense of breeding and showing pedigree cats.

I have been an animal lover all my life; and always thought of myself as a dog person. Not having had a pet for years and being in an apartment at the time, I decided to get a cat ... actually I adopted 2 cats. This is when I discovered I am actually a cat person. Surprise!!

My first pedigree cat was a Scottish Fold sweet Frankie seen below. Soon thereafter I started breeding the Scottish Fold, but as they are a difficult breed to work with, I am now focusing my efforts on a British Shorthair program. The British Shorthair is a nice solid, muscular cat with very expressive eyes and a beautiful coat.

Now living in what I still refer to as my Grand-mere's old house, I have lots of rooms for the cats to run and play. My old house was built in 1835 and has always belonged to our family.

We are completely cageless.
We are FIV, FeLV and PKD DNA negative.
Our cats and Cattery name are registered with ACFA and CCA.

Here are a few pics of my sweet, cuddly and extremely fluffy Frankie.

How to pronounce Sco'Chats??

Chats is french for cats, so Sco'Chats is pronounced just like Scotia in Nova Scotia.
View from the front of the house.
My temporary neighbors ... they help  "manicure" the yard every spring..